PIM Genesis is the business incubation facility provided by the Postgraduate Institute of Management, which specifically targets its mission towards grooming the start-up businesses initiated by the PIM MBAs. This facility assists the PIM entrepreneurs by providing facility based services (work space and utility services), creating opportunities for networking and partnering with the leading local business firms as well as other business professionals and also by providing mentorships.



Message from the Patron

Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri, Director PIM

"I am delighted to see the genesis of “PIM Genesis”. It is a solid step towards igniting human imagination. May the PIM Genesis be the breeder of business leaders in enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s together make it a vibrant meeting point for intellectual superiority and interactive synergy."


Our Service's

Use of physical office space provided at PIM (Wi-Fi included) with other utility ...

Linking up with the funding agents & business partners. ....................

Professional mentoring and networking with related businesses. ........

ESP. ........



Our Team

Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri, Director PIM

Dr. Travis Perera

Dr. Gayan Jayakody

H.M.A.Mahasen Wijayaratne

Ms. Shyama Zahir

Ms. Thavisha Piyarathne



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